After having spent a long time trying to understand the dynamics of leadership and excellence, why some organizations get it and others do not, I’ve decided to share my observations in a book and in person through the various training options discussed elsewhere.  This is a humbling experience because I in no way want to appear that I have all the answers or that I’ve figured everything out.  What I do know is I understand a lot more than I used to understand and I’ve had real success applying the principles I share in a variety of environments and types of organizations.  I also understand that the world really does need excellent leadership and it’s a rare commodity in many cases, more rare than it should be.  My mission is to inspire others to have the same passion that I have.   Lots of folks talk about excellence and leadership but few actually make it understandable and attainable which is what I believe I have to offer.  I try to explain these ideas in plain language, from a common sense perspective that anybody can understand and learn to apply, without a lot of scientific and in depth analytical stuff to put you to sleep.  The beneficiaries of this pursuit of excellence through excellent leadership are multiple including customers, employees, organizations, and the leaders themselves who will experience so much more satisfaction and success as a result of their efforts.  I solicit suggestions, input and your observations since we are working together to get better every day.  We are still learning, we don’t know it all yet.  Thanks for coming along with me.

Ryan Gausman